bdr® International Medical Beauty Expo Day 2024

Get ready to dive into the latest developments in the beauty world on September 23 - the perfect opportunity to learn from industry experts, stay ahead of the curve, and connect with like-minded professionals at our headquarters in Jockgrim.

Neurocosmetic Revolution

Explore the latest advancements in treatments of common skin conditions with the innovative Neurocsmetic solutions.

Hyaluron Ultra & Stem Cell

Exclusive preview of our latest innovations, Hyaluron Ultra and Stem Cell Booster, designed to revolutionize your clients' skincare routines. Be the first to gain insight into the marketing plan and sales strategy behind these game-changing products.

Sneak Preview Marketing & News 2025

Stay ahead of the curve - get insight on our marketing strategies and sneak preview for next year 2025.

Pre & Post-Surgery Treatment Plans

In the pursuit of delivering exceptional patient outcomes, it's crucial to consider the importance of pre and post surgery treatment plans. By incorporating our innovative products into your practice, you can significantly enhance your clients' surgical results and improve patient outcomes.

The ultimate Power of Needling

Discover the latest breakthroughs in this popular treatment modality and learn how to incorporate it into your practice.

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