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With results extremely close to medicine, bdr® offers a highly effective alternative to invasive treatments to a certain extent. Trust in the specifically created tolerability of bdr® dermaceuticals.

Immediately visible results

The optimal success for improving your skin appearance comes after a Time Capsule treatment course. Your skin becomes more even, beautiful and youthful. Daily bdr® skin care at home in combination with Time Capsule Treatments will allow for long-term success.

One system for all cases

No matter what skin condition you want to be treated, bdr® has the matching treatment and home skincare. With the bdr® Medical Beauty Concept you can achieve lasting skin structure improvements.

The Medical Beauty Concept

bdr®, the dermaceutical treatment method that goes beyond conventional skin care in the treatment of special skin concerns. Innovative bdr® technology combined with highly effective bdr® dermaceuticals along with individualized treatment will achieve immediately visible results that are very close to medicine. Experience simply beautiful skin with the bdr® Medical Beauty skin care concept.


Step by step to simply beautiful skin

#1 Cleansing

A gentle and thorough cleanse using Re-move or Re-move PH is the first and most important step in preparing the skin.Re-move – especially recommended for mature, dry and combination skin.Re-move PH – suitable for inflammable, blemished skin as well as sensitive, stressed skin.Apply on face, neck and décolleté and remove with water in the morning and evening.

Re-action makes the skin radiant. It removes keratinized skin cells, smooths out lines and refines your complexion.Reveal your healthy skin with Re-action. Apply 2-3 times a week only in the evening after cleansing and leave on for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with water.Re-action loosens the topmost layer of dead cells which encourages moisture production, removes accumulated metabolic waste and improves the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients applied afterwards. The result is clear, even skin and a refined complexion with improved radiance. Fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin are softened and smoothed out immediately after.Re-action natural for normal, dry and clogged skin;Re-action deep for keratinized, breakouts skin with enlarged pores. Re-action PH for impure oily skin,Re-action control for sensitive skin.Active ingredient booster: Our highly concentrated Re-action Tonic Professional prepares skin ideally for following bdr® serums and increases the natural moisture-binding capacity of the skin. It intensively minimises pores and stimulates, energises, and smoothens skin.Re-action E – a duel effect, in-depth cleansing peeling the combination of enzyme and mechanical peeling gently but effectively removes dead skin cells.

#3 Hydration

bdr® hyaluronic serums are highly concentrated and highly effective. They are thoroughly moisturizing, smoothing and regenerating the skin. bdr® offers the right active agents for every kind of skin requirement.Re-charge is a refreshing hydration boost for normal, dehydrated or oily skin.Re-charge N is intensively moisturizing – for dry, sensitive and aging skin.Re-charge PH for clear, balanced skin – specially formulated for oily, blemish-prone skin.

#4 Focuscare

All of the bdr® serums can be applied any time in combination or alternating, to the areas of your skin according to your skin’s needs.Re-lax 3 is a multi-level, regenerative active agent complex with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, ideal for skin prone to breakouts and very sensitive skin that becomes easily inflamed.Re-fine – is an ultra light yet powerfully effective fluid that refines pores and smoothens skin.All of the serums are to be applied in the morning and/or evening before the final step in your skincare routine – locally or to the entire face, neck and décolleté.

#5 Protection

Reinforcement and protection for your skin barrier. Thoroughly moisturizing, regenerating, revitalizing and balancing. You will find the right skin protection for your skin’s requirements in bdr® final-step dermaceuticals.Apply in the morning and evening after using the bdr® serums in order to protect and care for your skin.The innovative formula of the new Re-set 4D provides intensive regeneration with effective cell proliferation for the highest levels of moisture, especially for the sensitive areas around the eyes and lips.Re-vital is an age-repair skincare emulsion, for normal and dry skin, and Re-vital PH with mattifying effect is for inflamed, reddened and impure skin.Re-construct nourishing cream complex provides very dry or irritated skin with comprehensive care.Re-flect – protect your skin with chemical and mineral sun protection filter from UVA and UVB radiation and stop signs of premature skin aging – suitable for every skin.Tuner turns your bdr® final care into a gentle concealing tinted day cream. Mix desired amount – depending on the intensity required – with Re-vital, Re-vital PH or Re-construct and apply as usual.

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