The Medical Beauty Concept

So far, other methods and products have failed because they are incapable to penetrate deeper skin layers, in which they are required to achieve long-lasting and outstanding skin improvements.bdr® tackles this challenge. Our bdr® laboratories have created a product series of biotechnological cosmeceuticals. Our innovative emulsion technology unifies essential, natural active ingredients with micro molecularly optimised serums. Combined with a set of modern, paramedical device technology a dream comes true: reversive Skin-Aging. Turn back the time with bdr®. Let your bdr® institute advise you.

bdr treatment overview

Fresh & Glow

The ideal starter treatment for perfect skin results within shortest time.

Basic & Sensetive

Special treatment for sensitive, sensitive, reddened, stressed and allergy-prone skin.

Clear & Fresh

Special treatment especially for oily, blemished skin.

Cell Repair

The combination of energizing active ingredients make this treatment optimal for building and protecting the skin. The dull, tired and sun-damaged skin is visibly improved and regenerated.

Age Control

Treatment for demanding skin that is seeking new youthfulness and gets back into its best condition.

Focus Special

Focus on individual, stressed areas of the skin such as the eyes, lips, forehead and neck. Likewise, the appearance of scars will be improved.

bdr® Treatment concept

Dermaceuticals are so much more than cosmetics.All bdr® treatments address different skin needs.

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